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An open to all digital platform for avid travelers to share their trips and photos with the world. The blog is built using Draftbox which leverages the JAMSTACK technology.

Earlier the blog was on WordPress and the load time was 8-10 Seconds
By migrating the blog to JAMSTACK using Draftbox, Ghost CMD & Netlify CDN the load time has been brought below 3 Seconds
PWA on Desktop for ontraveldiary.com
AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) for blogs on JAMSTACK


To reduce the load time and bring it below 3 seconds


JAMSTACK was the solution we adopted. Having a static front end will not only reduce the load times but also enhance the security of the blog. It also bring down the cost of maintaining a web server. 

We used Draftbox with Ghost CMS to publish this travelogue.


We’ve achieved load time of below 3 seconds and 90+ scores on all points in Lighthouse Audits. Now the blog has all modern features integrated such as AMP & PWA.

Below 3 Sec Load

0 Server Cost


From The Client

“WOW!! Blazing fast and smooth experience.”

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